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Warriors Path State Park
6:30 PM Girls Mile
6:45 PM Boys Mile (After Girls mile is finished)
6:46 PM Competitive Walk (Starts 1 minute after the Boys Mile)
7:05 PM Adults Mile (After Boys mile is finished)
The mile is free and low key (no awards, no shirts) and is part of the SFTC KFOM and Adult Mile series. You must to fill out an entry form to run in the race. Qualifies for TN State records.
Timing and race management by SFTC
Volunteering counts toward SFTC Volunteer Points and KQ requirements.
If you would like to volunteer to help please e-mail Bob Townsend @ bobtownsend@comcast.net

SFTC owns this event.
Your volunteer effort counts toward SFTC Volunteer Points and King & Queen service requirements

To: bobtownsend@comcast.net


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