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Hosted by the State of Franklin Track Club
Race day registration starts @ 5:30 PM
6:25 PM Competitive Walk
6:30 PM Girls Mile
6:45 PM Boys Mile (After Girl's mile is finish)
7:05 PM Adults Mile (After Boy's mile is finish) (Both Men & women)
The mile is free & low key (no awards, no shirts) and is part of the SFTC KFOM & Adult Mile series. You need to fill out an entry form on race day to run in the race. Qualifies for TN State records.
Timing & race management by SFTC.
Volunteering counts toward SFTC Volunteer Points & K&Q & LDS requirements.
If you would like to volunteer to help please e-mail Bob Townsend @ bobtownsend@comcast.net or call 423-525-7335

SFTC owns this event.
Your volunteer effort counts toward SFTC Volunteer Points and King & Queen service requirements

To: bobtownsend@comcast.net


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